Task and learning support

Homework gives students the opportunity to extend their learning to areas outside the classroom. These learning and practice activities are to be completed by students at home, in the daycare or under supervision at school.

The ordinance on the Law on Primary Education stipulates:
- The homework must be able to be done independently by the learners.
- The scope, content, difficulty, and frequency must be adapted to the learners' performance.

The task and learning should be solely the responsibility of the child. A companion may supervise homework when neccessary. This support can be very low by simply asking the child to do their homework. The young person is encouraged by a hint, a look, a demand to work independently. Many children appreciate a somewhat closer supervision, in which a person reads a task again or briefly checks a result and gives feedback. Should the child be dependent on help, a task can be explained to them, they are advised to read the task aloud or they are encouraged to persevere.

Task and learning support is offered from 5 children per time slot in the Village Schoolhouse and in the Schoolhouse Hinterleisibach. The children and young people are looked after by a teacher. Registration is possible at any time, if there is still space in the desired element.

Please register as follows: 

  • Parents, whose children attend the day care, can register on https://eltern.leoba.ch with their login for the task and learning support.
  • Parents without a contract with the day care, can register on the following link.

Registrations, which reach us after June 16th, 2024 will be checked and confirmed in August. The task and learning support starts in the new school year on August 25th, 2024.

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