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I can’t believe that there’s only 6 more weeks until the holidays – time has flown! As the school year is ending, it is only right to reflect on the progress that we have made in English. How can I assess that? I have some examples –

1.     I am no longer using Google translate

2.     The children are finding me funnier (which can only mean they understand me better –my humour has always been an asset)…

3.     We canwatch videos or read texts in English and use these to enhance learning

4.     The kids understand contextual questions and can discuss different topics they are exposed to in English

The children have come a long way since August and I’m sure I speak for all teachers involved in the project when I say we are so proud of their achievements and engagement.

Implementing CLIL in our school is paving the way for children and teachers alike to a stronger and more diverse learning experience of the English language. I’m grateful to be part of this learning journey and experience. I am most excited for the opportunities that this can potentially create for other native English teachers in Switzerland and for schools who are struggling to recruit teachers. This really is the bridge we need between these two struggles.

Oh and of course, I am excited to welcome the 5th classes to our project in August! I'm so happy to be working with more of Buchrain's fantastic kids and teachers!

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some examples of recent learning and thank you all for your ongoing interest in our English adventure!  

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