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Wald Tag

I love writing these blogs. I am grateful for the freedom to write whatever I like to. I now have access to the school website back-office (dangerous)! 

Since I have this freedom for writing, within limits of course, I would like to tell you about another project that has been doing wonders for the children this term. I was lucky to experience a Wald Tag session with the one and only Katja Heimgartner who has a passion for outdoor education.

Last Friday, the children and I were guided to the forest area which Frau Heimgartner had well prepared for our visit. There was a base-camp and fire-pit which really set the scene for a fantastic day in the woods! After the rules had been explained, there were many activities to choose from which were clearly explained. I really liked that the children had the freedom to try different activities and were trusted to do so alone. I find that we are sometimes too cautious and protective when it comes to guiding children and believe that it is sometimes neccessary for them to be independent to learn new skills efficiently.

The children all helped to cut wood for the fire, cook food for the group and could craft things out of natural materials. We had a warm fire going throughout the day and a delicous meal to fill our bellies at lunch. All prepared and maintained by the children. After lunch, I had a wonderful opportunity to bond with my class by helping them to create a wooden hut.

So today I am using this space to make you aware of the benefits of outdoor learning and the variety of projects that are happening at our school. Below are some benefits of being outside!

  • Improved physical health. ...
  • Helps to develop an appreciation and understanding of the world around us. ...
  • Improved mental health. ...
  • Development of key skills, such as problem solving. ...
  • Development of interpersonal skills, such as communication.

We certainly experienced these and more and the children returned home with rosy cheeks, bonfire clothes and great big smiles from a wonderful day outdoors.

Thank you Katja for all that you do and I look forward to our next adventures together! 

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