Buchrain Goes International Pilot

Parent's information about our pilot project

We always strive for a child-centered approach. Having this approach in this pilot project means it is important to have transparency with the parents. Last week, we gave the parents of our project an insight into the international project and what we have achieved so far. It was enlightening to know and understand the parent's wishes and concerns and how we can implement these into our practices. I was grateful to have the opportunity to speak to some parents. I heard that some children are insisting to speak English at home or asking for recommendations for English books to read. Naturally, there were some concerns: I'm worried my child will become overwhelmed;  I don't want their grades to fall because they don't understand the criteria; what if they understand nothing?To these parents, I assure you, your child is our number 1 priority. As an educator, I am grateful for your honesty and concerns. They help us to build a philosophy for this project going forward and make our toolkit and techniques stronger.

Daisy Carter, English Teacher Grade 3&4

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