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Teaching really is the best job. Yes, I’m biased but I can’timagine working an office job. There’s just not enough uncertainty or surprise. When I woke up this morning, I did not expect to spend my morning in countless arguments over the food group of a tomato. Nor did I imagine that I would findmyself discussing kebabs down to the final ingredients to persuade several children that actually, lettuce doesn’t automatically make certain foods healthy.

We spend countless hours planning activities for learning that become useless when the students take us off on a tangent into a spontaneous lesson but we don’t usually care.

Here’s some interesting facts about teachers:

According to many Google webpages, teachers make on average1,500 decisions a day

We have eyes in the back of our heads

We can sense gum

Students call our names (probably) 3,000 times a day…  

We love our classes! The kids are our number one priority on a daily basis. We fall asleep thinking about different ways to improve their overall school experience and wake up thinking about the best ways to implement these ideas. Teachers really are amazing.

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