The Christmas One

The most wonderful time of the year… as the song goes. Although I suspect, like me, you’re quite tired and ready for a relaxing break. The days are shorter, the kids are wilder and the weather is more unreliable than ever. Still, one thing is certain – Christmas is coming. I’d say about 50%of the teachers were wearing their festive jumpers today, so we’re quietly celebrating the holidays arriving.

The classrooms and corridors are decorated with trees,snowflakes and baubles so let’s talk traditions. Celebrating Christmas inschool holds several important benefits for students and the school community:

Cultural Understanding:

We are a very diverse school. Christmas is a significant cultural and religious celebration for many. Observing it fosters cultural understanding and appreciation among students from all backgrounds, promoting a sense of unity and tolerance.

Community Building:

Christmas celebrations provide opportunities for students, teachers, and staff to come together as a community. Shared festivities create a positive and inclusive atmosphere, reinforcing a sense of belonging. On this note - applause for the School Management who outdid themselves on the Staff Christmas Gifts this year. Between us, I never got anything useful from my previous jobs, so thanks for that! 

Social Skills Development:

Participating in Christmas activities often involves teamwork, collaboration, and social interaction. From decorating classrooms to organizing holiday performances, students develop valuable social skills that extend beyond the festive season. My new 3rd Grade class have performed and pretty much mastered the 12 Days of Christmas song, which is SO difficult when English is not your second language. It's basically a 4 minute long tongue-twister...

Educational Opportunities:

Teachers can integrate Christmas celebrations into the curriculum, offering educational activities that explore cultural traditions,history, and the significance of the holiday. This helps make learning engagingand relevant and we LOVE cross-curricular teaching!

Emotional Well-being:

The holiday season often brings joy and excitement. Celebrating Christmas in school can uplift students' spirits, creating apositive emotional environment that contributes to their overall well-being.

Fostering Traditions:

Celebrating Christmas in school establishes traditions thatstudents can cherish and look forward to each year. This sense of continuity contributes to a positive school culture and strengthens the school's identity.

Memorable Experiences:

Christmas celebrations create lasting memories for students. These positive experiences contribute to a sense of nostalgia and connectionwith their school years, fostering a lifelong fondness for the institution.

Of course, it goes without saying how this has been implemented into our English project. It’s also important to see how these festivities implement the pillars of language education set out in the Lehrplan21, particularly ‘Culture in focus’ and ‘Language in focus’ – something that Buchrain Goes International strives to strengthen in children’s education. We’ve been singing, dancing, learning and being merry since mid November and I’m already sick of the the sound of ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham.

So in parting, I truly believe celebrating Christmas in school goes beyond the festive decorations and activities; it plays a crucial role in promoting cultural understanding, building a sense of community, and providing students with valuable educational and social experiences.

And with that, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Check back in in 2024! 

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